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Scout Analytics SU4 is Live

Posted by: Development Team Scout Analytics Service Update 4 (SU4) went live on August 12.  SU4 enhances the data collector with the following capabilities. Page Load Performance The Scout Analytics collector pages have been streamlined so that the overall size of the login page has been reduced, which improved the time of loading 4 – 5 times over that in the previous release.   On average, tests indicate loading to occur in the range of 250-350 milliseconds. Enhanced IP Address Collection The collector captures the IP address within the Flash session and transmits it with other device signature information.  This avoids falsely recording an intermediary IP address as part of the session. Extended Flash Support The collector now detects compatibility for Flash in […]

Detecting Unlicensed Use through IP Addresses

Scout Analytics is not the first to monitor account usage and flag unlicensed use. There are commercial and homegrown account analysis tools out there. Most of these tools try to draw correlations between time (concurrency), IP address, and browser information.  A recent set of questions from customers were: How good can these tools be? What is the difference in performance from Scout Analytics? Investigation Using real world data, we looked at different techniques to analyze the IP addresses such as: total count, average interval, frequency, smallest interval, and others.  All the techniques computed an IP-related metric for an account (such as the total count of distinct IP addresses) and compared that measure to a threshold.  Next we compared the percentile […]