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Audience Selling

Posted by: Matt Shanahan For a market to exist, there needs to be both buyers and sellers.  With all the recent articles on about advertisers and agencies engaged in audience buying, it figures that there would be articles about publishers engaged in audience selling.  After googling “audience selling,” I was surprised with the dearth of results. This was the top hit for audience buying ( Digital Marketing Guide: Audience Buying on AdAge from 2010), and this was the top hit for audience selling (Sell Your Audience, Not Your Product on BusinessWeek from 2005).  Audience selling as a specific phrase is so absent that it won’t surprise me if this blog post makes the first page of results on Google for audience selling. […]

Pricing in Digital Equilibrium™

Posted by: Matt Shanahan Spurred by a considerable uptick in discussions with B2B publishers, I’ve been thinking a lot about the strategies of revenue optimization.  Obviously, the publishing world is grappling with the transition to digital as traditional print advertising declines; suddenly online advertising revenue is moving from incremental to future core. The move has triggered a search for tools that offer tuning, refinement and optimization, and that’s where we’ve been fitting into the discussion. In talking with customers, I’ll admit I was a bit surprised by the simplicity of the current ad pricing models in place. While the impression (CPM) and conversion (CPA)-based units of online advertising inventory are firmly entrenched, there is little sophistication associated with pricing of […]

Why Ad-hoc Visits Matter

Posted by: Matt Shanahan Okay, I’ll admit it—I’m a bit of an information junkie. I’m constantly digging for new information about the things I care about—fact, figures, and interesting new perspectives. I like to find and leverage information. At least half of the information that I use day-to-day, I get from the Internet.   And while I might process more information than the average person, I gather it in the standard way.  Information gathering (i.e., visits) pretty much comes in two flavors—routine and ad hoc—each offering its own opportunities to the publisher.   Routine visits are by definition, pattern-based. Routine visits involve specific topics and content on a regular basis. Routine visits might be what you read daily over your […]