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SEO is for Suckers

Richard Tofel’s post this week about how digital news will be better when publishers move beyond SEO was an interesting op-ed, but most of the debate seemed philosophical as opposed to factual. Our advice to publishers: SEO is for audience development, not revenue (that could have been a softer title for this post). Here are the facts behind that recommendation. Fact: Loyal audience members do not use search as a means to engage with publishers. The striking difference between fans and fly-bys is the percentage of visits that are based on direct vs. search. Upwards of 95 percent  of fly-by visits are generated from a search whereas upwards of 70 percent of fan visits are direct. Of the fan visits […]

How Does Social Media Impact B2B Publishing and Reader Engagement?

Between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and external blogs, which creates more engagement on your site? By analyzing the visitors and visits generated by various social media sources, patterns emerge that can guide audience development initiatives. By analyzing the relationship between social media sources and engagement in B2B publishing, Scout Analytics has discovered an influential audience member type that creates engagement in other visitors. I will refer to this type of audience member as a “maven,” similar to the role described by Malcom Gladwell in The Tipping Point. According to Gladwell, “mavens are really information brokers, sharing and trading what they know.” In the context of B2Bpublishing, mavens are a special sort of fan (see my previous post on fans vs. fly-bys). […]