Archive | July, 2012

Why Data Trumps Experience in Trial Conversions

Probably one of the biggest mistakes publishers can make on converting trials is relying on experience and intuition. The art of implementing and managing trials doesn’t match the science of new data-driven techniques. Using predictive analytics to qualify trial users and focus on those that are most likely to convert can double conversion rates. In a 2012 study, the Aberdeen Group published a finding that companies using predictive analytics have a 73% sales lift versus companies that did not. In a previous note on trials, loyalty was described as a good measure for predicting conversions. This post expands on the loyalty measure to demonstrate how to implement trials scoring that increases conversions. Trial users can be measured and scored any […]

Managing Yield Across Your License Structure

This is the third research alert in a series on pricing. One alert examined why metering access maximizes revenue. The other examined ways in which metering could be effectively applied through tiering at the user level. This research alert examines how to benchmark and manage yield across your license structure, and specifically with site licenses that blend users and discounting. Site licenses give customers unlimited use of a service while paying a flat, discounted price. The customer motivation to buy site licenses is that it makes purchasing decisions easier than trying to determine which users need which licenses. Another customer motivation for site licenses is that it makes on-going administration easier than trying to manage users and license allocations. For […]