Archive | January, 2013

The New Discipline in the Subscription Economy: Recurring Revenue Management

If you’re a subscription business, the most dramatic effects of trends like cloud computing and mobile won’t be felt in your company’s product line. The real disruption will be to your revenue model. Customers will not pay to own your products. Instead, they expect to pay for the value they receive by using your products. Revenue management is the common approach to solving that challenge of optimizing the revenue model.  Unfortunately, the rules of subscription models render traditional revenue management ineffective.  To manage revenue and profits in this case, companies need a new revenue management process to optimize the revenue model. What is revenue management? Revenue management is common practice in the distribution-centric Transaction Economy.  The goal is to maximize revenue […]

State of Behavioral Targeting in B2B Media

In my most recent benchmarking project, I asked a series of B2B digital media brands if they had a behavioral database that the editorial, audience development and sales could use.  All of them responded “no,” which means they are not able to operationalize behavioral targeting.  This was surprising, as this data is required to answer such questions as: Which audience members read the latest news on a particular topic? What news is the most popular for which audience members? Which audience members read a vendor guide or some other directory? Which audience members are researching information on a specific type of product? Answering these questions allows media companies to behaviorally target editorial that drives audience engagement, to behaviorally target metering to increase […]