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Per-User-Per-Month Subscriptions the First Step in Changing Customer Behavior

The Subscription Economy is fundamentally changing customer purchase behavior — it is teaching customers to only pay for what they actually consume.  The popular per-user-per-month subscription model used by software as a service (SaaS) is only a first step.  The true realization of utility computing as a revenue model is still on the way, and the providers that understand monetizing usage are the ones that will thrive. We are still in the early stages of the Subscription Economy.  Many products from information and media to SaaS are being sold on a per-user-per-month model that create  revenue with or without product usage.  In B2B SaaS subscriptions, Gartner continues to warn of shelfware-as-a-service.  A startup called Applango claims 30% of subscriptions are […]